Must Haves This Spring

Hi everyone!

It’s officially Spring, I can’t believe how fast this year is going! I thought I’d do a little round-up of things I am wanting and loving this season.

As we all know, the British weather isn’t the most reliable so even when it’s sunny, we still have to be prepared for the heavens to open. I’m obsessed with denim at the moment and I am really desperate to buy a denim jacket but every time I find one I like, they don’t have any in my size.

The first one I love is from Asos but annoyingly, they don’t seem to be restocking any of their sizes. I’ve been checking the website daily and nothing is changing so I think it’s time to set my eyes on something else. I’m loving the style of “girlfriend” jackets at the moment, they’re just that little bit bigger than normal which I think looks a lot better than a tight denim jacket. It’ll look great over a simple black dress or a plain top with black jeans.

The second one is from New Look. I used to love New Look and buy everything from there but nowadays it’s a bit hit and miss. Sometimes they will have amazing clothes but other times, I just think it looks a bit cheap. I thought I’d take a chance and have a browse online and luckily, I found this one and it’s in my size!! (hooray). The only thing I would change about this product is the colour. I wish it was that little bit lighter, just like the first one. They do a light blue version, but it’s basically white and it’ll get dirty far too quickly.

Denim SkirtDenim skirts are a staple in my wardrobe this spring. They’ll look great with a pair of low denier black tights but it’ll also look just as great with my pasty legs on show. I’m in love with this one from Asos but I just think it’s a bit too short so I’ll be a bit paranoid if I wore it without tights. I love the raw hemline, I think it adds that little bit of detail to a perfectly simple piece of clothing. It’ll look great with a baggy jumper tucked in or just a simple t-shirt.

Just one more item and then I’ll shut up talking about denim. A few weeks ago I bought my first pair of Mom Jeans and I have been obsessed with them ever since. I never thought I’d be able to pull them off but I was pleasantly surprised. I love the style of high-waisted jeans, not because it means you can hide your food baby but also because I love the look of jumpers or tops tucked into jeans.

Okay that’s it, no more talk about denim.

Now let’s get onto tops.

Shirt with Embroidered Flower.PNG

I’ve been wanting this top ever since I saw Zoella’s Instagram post a couple of months back. Every time I look at it, it just screams Spring and Summer to me so of course I had to buy it. It’ll look so cute with a pair of skinny jeans or even tucked into my Mom jeans. If I was brave enough, I’d buy a pair of dungarees because I think it’ll look so nice underneath but I just don’t have the courage.

I’m loving black and white striped tops at the moment. I’ve recently bought one in the Zara sale but annoyingly, I can’t find it on the website and it hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t take a picture. Once again, it’ll look great tucked into my Mom jeans.

I’ve been needing a new pair of trainers for so long, my current favourites are ripping at the sides because I always wear them when I’m driving. I am really liking the nude colour trainers that are out at the moment, especially the new Van and Converse range. I’ve wanted a pair of Adidas Gazelle’s for months now but I still can’t find a justifiable reason to spend £75 on a pair of trainers.

Last but no means least, let’s talk about Beauty. If you’ve read my Mini Body Shop Haul, you’ll know about the products I purchased at the beginning of the month. I thought I’d give you a little update on how I was finding them as I know many of you were interested in purchasing the items. They are working an absolute treat! I use the Mattifying Toner every single day and it’s making my skin feel amazing. My skin is still a little bit oily but I wasn’t expecting it to disappear completely. I tend to use the Skin Clearing Clay Mask twice a week and my skin is noticeably clearer.

Anyone that knows me knows how long I have struggled to find the perfect foundation and finally, my prayers have been answered. My friend recommended No7 but I’ve always been a bit hesitant because I’ve heard so many stories about when they colour match your skin, the colour comes out too dark so you’re left with a colour that is no where near your skin tone. I decided to go into my local Boots store and I bravely decided to get my skin colour matched and thankfully, it came out the perfect shade for me. I even tried it on in store so I knew that it wouldn’t make me look like an oompa loompa. I went for Beautifully Matte Light Foundation in the colour Calico and it is fantastic. This stays on in perfect condition for more than 12 hours and I don’t have to do any touch ups at all. With other foundations, I’ve had trouble with it not wanting to stay in certain places – especially my nose but I seriously cannot fault this product at all.

What trends are you loving this Spring?

Emily xo


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