Mini Morphe Haul

I’ve seen many YouTubers rave about Morphe brushes and palettes, so of course I had to see what all the fuss is about.

If you have read my post “My Make Up Collection“, you’ll know that I was in serious need of a new contour palette. I absolutely adore my current contour kit, but I wanted to try something new out and see if it works well for me. I had my eye on a Contour and Concealer Palette from Morphe Brushes but they wanted something like £30 delivery fee as they’ll be shipping from America, so I did some research and I managed to find the product I wanted on Beauty Bay with a much smaller price for delivery.

20 Colour Contour and Concealer Palette

Contour and Concealer Palette.JPG

As you can see, there are a wide range of colours in the palette, some of which I will definitely not use due to not being the right colour for my skin tone but there’s no harm in having them just in case.

Along the left hand side of the palette you can see the contour/concealer colours. These colours are designed to blend into your natural skin tone and hide any blemishes you may have. If you feel that some of the colours are too dark for your skin tone, you could use them to contour.

On the right hand side, you will find the colour corrector shades. Some people may be put off by putting some of the colours onto their face, but trust me, they work a treat. I have previously used Max Factor’s CC Sticks and I love them. All of the colours have a different purpose, so let’s go into more detail:

The white shade can be used as the highlighter.

The mint green shade counteracts the redness or pinkness that can be caused by blemishes. It can also help to hide capillaries around the nose and cheek areas.

The lavender shade is used to control yellow-colored imperfections, such as yellow bruises.

The pink shade helps to decrease the look of circles and blend them into your own skin tone.

The light orange shade is used to counteract blue tones in the skin tone. If you have fair to medium skin, this will help to conceal under eye circles.

The pale yellow shade can be used to conceal bluish bruises, under eye circles and dark spots.

The salmon shade helps to liven up the look of your skin and also helps to hide under eye circles.

The dark brown shade can be used as a contour.

I haven’t actually used this palette yet, I need to find some time to sit down and really try them all out. If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know that I’m a bit wary when it comes to cream based contouring so I think I will mainly be using this palette as a concealer but I will definitely give the contouring a go.

E55 Pro Flat Contour Brush


As I was buying a cream based contour palette, I needed to find a brush that worked well with the product. In the description of the product, it says it works well with cream based products, so I thought I’d give it a try. It was only a fiver, which is a lot cheaper than most brushes out in the local drugstores at the moment.

M425 Tapered Concealer

Morphe M425.PNG

My concealer brushes have seen better days so as soon as I saw this one was going for £2.79, I had to add it to my basket. I mean, how good is £2.79 for a make up brush?! This brush is the perfect size for getting into all of those hard to reach places so will definitely come in handy when I’m trying to hide my millions of blemishes.

I’ve just tried to find these two brushes on Beauty Bay, but I can’t find them anywhere anymore. They have either sold out or they’ve stopped selling them.

I’ll be writing a post as soon as I’ve tried all of these products out, so keep an eye out!

Emily xo


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