Dreaming of Santorini

As the wind is howling outside and echoing through the building, it’s hard not to let my imagination stray to my time in Santorini last year. It was honestly one of the best holidays I’ve ever been on and I would love to go back in a heartbeat. Greek islands are my favourite holiday destinations – mainly because of the food but also because of the amazing scenery and the lovely people.


Our hotel was in Kamari which is a little village right on the sea front with plenty of shops and restaurants. Hotel Hermes is the most beautiful little hotel I’ve visited, there aren’t many rooms so it was never overcrowded which was a bonus for me as I hate having to fight for a sun lounger round the pool. We were lucky enough to stay in one of the rooms that had just been renovated and it was gorgeous, very modern and chic. We also paid a bit extra to have our own little jacuzzi on our balcony and it was so worth it.


I mean, what’s a couple of extra quid when you get to look at this view every day!




Me and Ashton really wanted to see as much of Santorini as we could during our trip so we splashed out on an organised excursion with the local holiday rep. The excursion started off with a boat trip to an active volcano. We walked all the way to the top and my god, was it hot. I don’t think I have ever experienced heat like it before, if it wasn’t for Ashton pestering me to the top, I don’t think I would have made it. The views made all the sweat and pain worth it.


We then got back onto the boat for a trip to Palea Kameni for a swim in the Hot Springs. It was so refreshing to jump off the boat into the sea after a long walk. We had to swim about 30 metres to reach the Hot Springs and it was the nicest swim of my life, I had to pinch myself because I couldn’t quite believe I was in such a beautiful place. When we reached the Hot Springs, it was hard to come to terms with hot sea water, it was so strange.


After about half an hour in the Hot Springs, we got back onto the boat for a trip to Thirassia where we could grab some lunch and have a walk around some of the local shops. We spent a couple of hours in Thirassia before jumping back onto the boat and returning back to the port in Fira. It was an amazing day and I’d highly recommend the experience to everyone.


One evening, we caught the local bus up to Oia which is the place everyone thinks of when they imagine Santorini. It’s got the most beautiful views and it’s complete with the white houses with blue roofs.

We found an amazing restaurant which was a little bit higher up so it meant we got the best possible views. We were even lucky enough to get a table at the front of the restuarant so we had undisturbed views.


There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how beautiful and amazing the views are. The photos don’t even come close to what it is really like in person. If visiting Santorini is something you’ve never considered, I really hope that this picture changes your mind because I think everyone needs to see this view once in their life.


I’m a huge lover of Greek food, I would happily eat it every single day if I could. Stifado is my absolute favourite and it’s just not the same when I make it at home.

Chicken Souvlaki
Lamb Kebab

If you’ve never tried Greek food, you should. It’s seriously amazing.

I’ll stop blabbering on and spamming you with photos, I hope I’ve persuaded you to take a trip to Santorini because it really is 100% worth it.

Emily xo


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