Dreaming of Payday

Praise the Lord, it’s payday tomorrow and I’ve never been so excited. The first payday after Christmas is always the best, purely because it feels like forever since your last payday.

Like every month, I spend the days running up to payday dreaming of what I want to spend my money on. I’ve agreed to start saving a bit more every month to go into my house fund so lucky for me, I won’t be able to waste any of my money on stuff I don’t actually need. Doesn’t hurt to dream though, right?

I thought I’d write a post to share with you what I’m liking at the moment. I’ve attached all the links onto the photos, so if you click on whatever one takes your fancy, it’ll take you to the website.

I don’t normally wear hats because I don’t think I suit them, but I have really fallen in love with this one. It looks so warm and cosy and I love the colours. I think the simplicity of the grey hat and craziness of the different coloured pom-pom look great together.


I’ve just clicked “Proceed to Checkout” and I regret nothing. I just couldn’t help myself and every inch of me was telling me to buy it.

Anyone that knows me, knows I have an obsession with bags. I have so many and I just can’t stop myself from buying another one. I always tell myself “One more won’t hurt” and that’s all it takes for me to carry it over to the tills and whack the card out.


You really can’t go wrong with a simple black bag, you know it’ll always go with whatever you’re wearing. I’m really loving small bags at the moment – obviously not too small because I still need to manage to fit the kitchen sink in there somewhere.

With small bags, they tend to not have many different compartments so this bag is perfect for me and my never-ending junk I keep in my bag. This is most definitely being added to my bag collection after payday.


I’ve been struggling for months to find a nice pair of black suede heeled ankle boots that don’t make my feet look humongous and I think I’ve finally found them. I always struggle with buying boots because I think some boots make my size 6 feet look even bigger so I rarely wear or buy boots.

I think these boots make a nice change from just plain black suede, there’s a tiny amount of detail around the ankle area and I think it is subtle enough to not overpower the rest of the boot but it’s strong enough to make it different from other boots out there at the moment.skirt

I was so excited to find this skirt on a model whilst they were advertising the shirt on Zara.com but I can’t find it anywhere on the website which is so disappointing. I really want a skirt like this for when spring time comes around, but I just can’t find one anywhere that matches this one. So, if anyone knows of anywhere that is selling a similar one, please let me know.

Is there anything you’ve got your eye on at the moment? Please share with me!

Emily xo


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