Surprise Announcement

I honestly don’t know how I haven’t written a post about this yet because it’s the most exciting news of the year! So here goes…

My brother Thomas and his long term boyfriend, Sean (I honestly don’t know how he’s coped over the past couple of years), got engaged in the wonderful city of Barcelona last year.

On the 27th November, my mum and dad returned from visiting my brother down in Plymouth with the below gift for me. Are you ready? When I opened it I began to cry purely because I take after my mum and we are both emotional wrecks.


So yes, I am going to be a groomsmaid!! It is an absolute honour to have received the invitation and I’m so happy that my brother wants me to a part of his special day. For people that don’t know me – I strongly deny the remark about me being a bitch sometimes… I am a lovely person and an absolute bundle of joy to be around.

As a little celebration, me and my boyfriend travelled down to Plymouth to visit Thomas and Sean a few weeks ago. We were also greeted by Sean’s sister Lianne. This gave me and Lianne the perfect opportunity to learn our duties as groomsmaids and also celebrate with each other. During the day on Saturday, we took a trip to the wedding venue and it was amazing. Thomas and Sean walked me through the plans they have in mind for the big day and it was great to be able join in on their vision.

In the evening we were joined by Sean’s sister Lianne and her boyfriend Ryan. We were all sat around in the living room playing endless drinking games and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. We then set off out to Pryzm and we all had amazing night, dancing along to the likes of Abba, Steps and plenty of Christmas songs.



There are no words to explain how happy and excited I am for Thomas and Sean. I cannot wait to be part of their big day and make sure it’s as special as they deserve.

Emily xo


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