Another bag to add to the collection

I had an unused Topshop giftcard just sitting in my purse, always looking at me with hope that I’d spend it. So I thought I’d finally put it to good use.

As I was walking through Topshop, hoping I’d find something to use the giftcard on, I found myself in the bag section. Everyone that knows me, knows I have a lot of handbags and I most definitely do not need anymore. But who cares, there’s no such thing as too many handbags in my eyes.


I’ve seen so many similar bags around town over the past couple of weeks and I’ve wanted every single one but I used every last bit of my willpower to not buy them – until I saw this one that is.

I’m not normally a fan of animal skins because I’m such a big animal lover, but I just couldn’t help but fall in love with this. It certainly helped that I knew it wasn’t real animal skin.

This bag isn’t too big and it isn’t too small – it’s a perfect size. I can still fit all my rubbish into the bag and there’s still room. I definitely think that a bag like this is a must have this AW16 season. It would look great with a simple outfit and act as the statement piece.

Here’s a few similar bags that I found online:




I’ve attached the links onto the images, so click away if any of them take your fancy. There are lots more out there so have a look online or in the shops! I’d recommend having a closer look and consider adding them to your wardrobe.

Emily xo



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