First blog post


This is weird… What am I supposed to write about? I’m sat at work (pretending to work) and wrecking my brain of what I can say that is remotely interesting about myself.

I suppose I should start from the basics, my name is Emily, I am a 20 something and working in a dead end job that is nothing but far from what I want to be doing with my life.

Ever since I watched Devil Wears Prada, it has been a dream of mine to work within the Fashion industry. I’ve always imagined myself having a job just like the role Anne Hathaway portrayed but after a lot of research, it is a lot harder to get into than I imagined. After plenty of rejection emails, I took the opportunity to reply to some of them and ask what I could possibly do to be in with a shot in the future of getting into the industry, thankfully someone replied. He informed me that a blog would be a great way to show my interests and passions for the industry – so here we are.

There are plenty of things that interest me, but nothing compares to Fashion. My bedroom is rammed with magazine after magazine. I’m gonna have to convert the spare room into a Magazine Room. Vogue is 100% the magazine I buy religiously, it’s like the holy grail. I recently watched Absolutely Fashion: Inside British Vogue and I’ve never been so fixated on something more in my life. I knew a lot of work went on to create the perfect magazine every month, but not to the level that was shown in the programme. It taught me a lot that I didn’t know and it especially showed me how determined I am to work within the industry.

I’m going to use this Blog as a starting point. I’ll be sharing bits about Fashion, Make Up, Food and anything else I can think of. I hope that you all join me on this little adventure.

Emily xo


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